with the blue screen after installing the graphics card driver in Win11[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-18 16:40

  Newly installed Win10, but when the graphics card is installed, the computer has a blue screen. Now water damaged hard drive data recovery passport I can only shut down the computer forcibly, because there is nothing on the desktop.This may be wd 1tb external hard drive data recovery caused by a conflict between the graphics card driver and the system.But we don't need to be so clear wd 2tb external hard drive data recovery about the reason.How to deal with this kind of blue screen is actually very simple, let's talk about wd elements external hard drive data recovery it in detail below.

  The operation steps are as follows:

  One, enter the safe mode

  Windows safe wd external hard disk data recovery software mode is a very powerful function. No virus can run in safe mode. It is a very good mode for solving wd external hard drive data recovery mac computer system failures. Under Win10, this mode has been upgraded again. Pressing F8 on boot can wd external hard drive data recovery service no longer enter safe mode. , How does Win10 enter safe mode.

  There are many ways to enter safe mode wd external hard drive data recovery services in Win10:

  1.Multiple entry methods

  (1) Method 1: Click the Start Menu button> All Applications> wd external hard drive data recovery software Computer Settings in turn, switch to "Update and Recovery", then switch to "Restore", and finally wd external hard drive recovery software free click the "Restart Now" button under "Advanced Startup".

  (2) Method 2: Press Win+c to open the Win1 wd external hd recovery slot lock icon 0 super button, click "Device", then click the power button, hold down the shift key and click "Restart" wd hard drive data recovery software free to enter the boot menu.

  2.After the computer restarts, it will enter the boot menu, select wd hard drive recover files recycle bin "Troubleshooting" Advanced Options" Startup Settings, and press the "Restart" button.

  3.After the wd my book live recovery ata usb computer restarts again, you can see the option to enable safe mode.In addition, it also includes: wd my passport 0740 usb partition recovery enable debugging, logging, low-resolution video, safe mode with network connection, safe mode with command wd my passport hard drive recovery softwar prompt, disable driver mandatory signature, pre-launch anti-malware protection, automatic restart wd my passport hard drive recovery software after disable failure, etc. Option, press F10 to enter recovery mode.

  The system safety mode is wd passport external hard drive data recovery an artifact to solve system failures. If the user encounters a failure in the Win10 system and does wd portable hard drive failed data recovery not know how to solve it, he can enter the safe mode through the above methods, and all problems can wdr hard drive software and repair recovery be easily solved.

  2. Right-click the start menu and select "Device Manager";

  3. After opening western digital 2tb external hard drive recovery the device manager, find the display adapter and uninstall the graphics driver.

  4. Finally, after western digital 500gb external hard drive recovery entering Win10 normal mode, reinstall the graphics card driver compatible with Win10 system.

  And not western digital data recovery external hard drive only WIN10, other win7 and win8 problems can be solved by the above method as long as they encounter western digital external hard drive crash recovery the problems caused by the graphics card driver. If you encounter this kind of problem in the western digital external hard drive data recovery future, you don't need to reinstall the system to solve it.