SPEEDER Huirong SM3257ENLT chip external hard drive mass production success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-18 16:10

  The current external hard drive is really cheap and relatively good. The price below is not bad. I recover saved games from ps3 hard drive took one in my heart. The mass production process is relatively simple. Once successful, some people recover saved over word document on usb did not dare to use the Chinese version if mass production failed. This is the English version of recover saves from old ps4 hard drive MPTool v2.5.27 v8, I don't know if it's luck, this version is directly successful.

  The above picture recover security footage from damaged hard drive shows the appearance of this cheap external drive, which is still made with a mlc Micron chip. It recover shortcut files in usb using cmd is only a little bit of money for 32G, and the price and speed are not bad. Below, first check the recover sticky notes from old hard drive screenshots of the chipgenius software:

  As you can see from the above picture, it is indeed Micron's recover switch from loader prompt with usb MLC flash memory, but unfortunately it is a single channel, so it is slower. The main control is recover symantec mfa after hard drive crash Huirong's SM3257ENLT; according to the main control mass production network, find and download the recover system image from external hard drive corresponding mass production tool Huirong SM3257ENAA MPTool. v2.5.The 27 v8 M1004 version is as recover thunderbird address from old hard drive follows:

  First insert the external drive, then open the mass production tool, and click the scan button recover thunderbird email from old hard drive to make the mass production tool find the external drive. You can see that it is directly and recover ubuntu files from old hard drive correctly identified as SM3257ENLT in the mass production tool window, indicating that the mass production recover usb drive files hidden by virus tool is found correctly. The following is the mass production setting, the setting password is recover usb drive files when formatted raw blank, just press Enter to enter, and then set as shown in the figure below.

  I made a mass-produced recover usb drive items formatted and encrypted cdrom boot disk into a system external hard drive, so I prepared the winpe ISO image in advance, and recover usb drive space from chrome os you can prepare your favorite winpe or system image by yourself.

  After the setting is complete, recover usb drive when it is unreadable click save to save, and then directly click start to start mass production, until the mass production recover usb drivwe that was quick formatted tool displays a green 0K, it means mass production is successful, which is very simple.

  Comparison recover usb external hard drive win 10 screenshots of chip detection before and after mass production, the mass-produced iso is the uefi+ recover usb memory stick windows 8 1 bios mirror image of Chinese cabbage.

  The above picture is a screenshot of the ATTO speed test after recover user files from hard drive windows mass production. You can see that writing 12M/S and reading 29M/S are basically the same as before recover user files from harddrive require admin mass production. If you are using this master external drive, you can rest assured that mass recover video deleted video files off harddrive production.