Common ways to disable external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-18 15:50

  There are many reasons why companies ban external hard drives and mobile hard drives. The most download recovery usb for windows 8 1 resounding reason is to prevent employees from taking away confidential information. Here I provide you download sony usb flash drive recovery tool with a little trick that does not require professional software, because your boss always believes download to usb recovery for vaio svf14ncxh that "you can solve it." Thing, don't spend money".

  Method one, BIOS setting method (quick knife download usb flash drive data recovery free cut the mess method)

  Enter the BIOS settings, select the "Integrated Peripherals" option, expand the download windows 10 microsoft recovery usb drive "USB 1.1 Controller" and "USB 2.0 The attribute of the "Contr01ler" option is set to "Disableed" download windows 10 pro recovery for usb to disable the USB interface.Finally, don't forget to set a password for the BIOS, so that others can't download windows 10 recovery usb free online unlock the above devices by modifying the registry.

  Note: This method completely disables the download windows 10 usb recovery drive image USB interface, which means that all kinds of USB interface devices can't be used, of course, it also download windows 7 recovery disk to usb includes external hard drives and removable disks.As this method is too overbearing, please use it download windows 7 system recovery disk usb with caution.

  Method 2: Prohibit booting of flash disk or mobile hard disk (applicable to Windows download windows 7 system recovery usb free XP/2000/2003)

  Open the registry editor, expand the following branches [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentCntrolSetServicesUSBSTOR] download windows 8 1 pro recovery usb in turn, find the DWORD value named "Start" in the right pane, double-click download windows 8 1 recovery disk usb it, and modify its value data to hexadecimal in the pop-up edit dialog box System value "4".Click download windows 8 1 recovery to usb the "OK" button and close the registry editor, restart the computer to make the settings take download windows 8 1 recovery usb free effect.After restarting, when someone connects the USB storage device to the computer, although the download windows 8 1 usb recovery disk indicator on the USB device is flashing normally, the drive letter can't be found in the Explorer, so download windows 8 recovery usb or disk the USB device can't be used.

  Method three, hide the drive letter and prohibit viewing (applicable dr ufd pqi usb 3.0 recovery tool to Windows system)

  Open the registry editor, expand the following branches in turn drivers directory on dell 8g usb recovery [HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPloiciesExplorer], create a new binary value "NoDrives", the duosat trend maxx hd recovery via usb default value is 00 00 00 00, which means that no drives are hidden.The key value is composed of dv6700 vista phoenix bios crisis recovery usb four bytes. Each bit of each byte corresponds to a disk from A: to Z: When the corresponding bit is 1 dvr hard drive recovery software free download , the corresponding drive in "My Computer" is hidden NS.The first byte represents 8 disks from A to easy recovery essential bootable usb with macos H, that is, 01 is A, 02 is B, 04 is C. and so on, the second byte represents I to P, and the third easy recovery essentials bootable usb free download byte represents Q to X, the fourth byte represents Y and Z.For example, to close the C drive, change easy recovery essentials windows 10 bootable usb the key value to 04 00 00 00; to close the D drive, change it to 08 00 00 00, to close the C drive easy recovery essentials windows 7 bootable usb and D drive, change it to 0C 00 00 00 (C is sixteen Base, converted to decimal is 12).

  After easy usb data recovery wizard serial key understanding the principle, the following takes my computer as an example to explain how to operate: My eee series 1000he recovery disc external drive computer has a floppy drive, a hard disk (5 partitions), and a CD-ROM drive. The drive letter distribution emergency boot pc from usb recovery drive is like this: A:(3.5Floppy disk), C:, D:, E:, F:, G:, H: (CD-ROM), so my "NoDrives" value is " emergency file and disk recovery usb bootable 02 ff ff ff", and disks B, I and Z are hidden.

  After restarting the computer, and then inserting emergency restart from usb backup recovery device the external hard drive, it is not visible in my computer, but I: (the drive letter after my computer enable usb debugging via recovery broken screen is powered on is H) can still access the mobile disk in the address bar.At this point, everyone can enable usb debugging via recovery oneplus 5 see that "NoDrives" is just a blindfold, so we have to do one more step, which is to create a new enable usb debugging with adb stock recovery binary "NoViewOnDrive" and change the value to "02 ff ff ff", which means that its value is the same enable usb twrp recovery sgs4 access files as "NoDrives". In this way, neither the USB drive letter nor the USB drive can be accessed.

  Method encase 4.2 how to recover hard drive 4: Prohibit the installation of USB drivers

  In Windows Explorer, go to the "System Disk: WINDOWSinf" equipment needed for hard drive data recovery directory and find the "Usbstor".pnf" file, right-click the file, select "Properties" in the erase mac 10.0 hard drive data recovery pop-up menu, then switch to the "Security" tab, select the user group to be forbidden in the "Group or error oxc0000225 recovery from usb user name" box, and then set the permissions of the user group In the box, select the "Reject" check eso no hard drive recovered after install box behind "Full Control", and finally click the "OK" button.

  Then use the above method to find eso no hard drive recovery after install "usbstor."inf" file and set in the security tab page to deny access to users of this group, the excel file corrupt after hard drive recovery operation process is the same as above.After completing the above settings, users in this group can't ext usb drive partition recovery western digital install USB device drivers, so that the purpose of disabling is achieved.

  Note: To use the access ext usb driver partition recovery western digital control list (ACL), the NTFS file system must be used.

  Common ways to disable external hard drive: