Marvell 88NV1120 master solid state external hard drive does not recognize the disk opening card repair tutorial Jin Baida[Win11 Solutions]

46 2021-08-18 15:10

  Someone may have bought the solid state hard drive of Jinbaida. Here is a KP330 120G that has expired play google com store apps details id hard disk drive recovery&hl en and is now broken. The fault is that the system can't be installed if the disk is not recognized. www com storage media recovery hard disk drive read failure html It can be recognized by putting it in the mobile hard disk box, but it still can't be formatted and diy data recovery tricks for when your hard drive goes belly up can't be deleted. Partition, opening the hard drive is very slow. It is estimated that the ssd is forums majorgeeks com index php threads bootable usb recovery drive 303642 broken, so we can only use the card opening software to repair. First, open the solid state drive to safe 365 com download external hard drive data recovery wizard exe see what the main control is.

  After disassembling, you can see that this solid state drive motherboard www tomshardware com forum id 2963446 recovery drive red full html is very small. There are only three chips in total. One master: Marvell 88NV1120-BTZ2. The other es com data recovery solution external hard drive recovery html two memory particles: QFG8PDM. After the author's painstaking efforts, we will finally repair it. jp com storage media recovery reover inaccessible external hdd html Let's share it below (all masters are 88nv1120 or 88nv1140 solid state can try this card opening en us help 17422 windows 8 create usb recovery drive method).

  Preliminary preparation:

  1.One piece of bad gold Baida KP330 solid state drive

  2.Mobile www business com categories best hard drive recovery services charlotte nc hard disk box or SAAT USB adapter card (I use Green Union mobile hard disk box)

  3.Tweezers (need recover data from the hard drive of a dead laptop to short-circuit when the computer can't recognize the hard disk)

  4.The card opening software iuweshare free usb flash drive data recovery 1 1 5 8 licence required for KP330 card opening: Xiangshuo ASMedia ASM1051 master MP TOOL v1.10 mass production tools

   mac os x yosemite 10 10 5 bootable usb clean install recovery Start of the tutorial:

  Although the main control of KP330 is Marvell 88NV1120, it can be opened msi recovery usb flash drive next button site forum en msi com with Xiangshuo ASMedia card opening tool.Put the KP330 solid disk into the mobile hard disk box, plug nvidia boot recovery driver usb vid 0955&pid 7f20 1.00.01 4 01 2010 in the computer, and open the main program MPTool.exe

  Then set the parameters as follows. Press purpose driven celebrate recovery bible hardcover isbn 978 0 310 62093 8 "Lock MP Tool" to unlock the settings. The unlock password is: asmedia, and press "FW Browse" to select recover office 2013 product key from hard drive site answers microsoft com the firmware. Be sure to select the correct firmware to open the card. I use: _21_00_00_ODD.bin

   will recuva v1 53 1087 recover deleted files from a usb drive After the computer correctly recognizes the hard disk, directly press Start to start, and the card 7data 7 usb connect android device to pc can be opened successfully.The following shows that the card is successfully opened.(The card opening can a windows usb recovery drive be cloned site acronis com process takes about a minute. During the card opening process, the SSD hard disk will be disconnected can you recover data from a goodhard drive site reddit com from the computer twice, the green progress bar is full, and all PASS means that the card is can you recover data from a hard drive site reddit com successfully opened)

  If the computer can't recognize the SSD solid state drive or the FW firmware error create a recovery usb from surfacepro3 bmr 10 7 102 0 in the card opening selection causes the Fail to open the card and the hard disk can't be recognized, dell usb recovery tool jr71p win 2 1 2035 0 a00 we need to use tweezers or a soldering iron to short-circuit the hard drive and let the software dell usb recovery tool m5w90 win 2 3 6056 0 a00 recognize it before opening the card.

  Reminder: After the short-circuit, the tool will recognize dfl ddp data recovery equipment usb 3 0 price in indi a the hard disk as 16MB, press "Start" to repair it again, after completion, remove the short-circuit, dmg download mac os 9 in 1 usb recovery install disk re-plug the mobile hard disk box, the software will recognize the normal capacity of 111G, and then external hard disk data recovery software with free download open normally according to the above method Card.

  See the figure below for the short-circuiting free download data doctor recovery usb drive 3 0 1 5 method

  Short-circuit this position as shown in the figure below:

  Short-circuit open card repair hard drive not detected error please insert recovery disk to let the computer recognize the hard drive

  It does not take long to open the card to be successful. how long does it take to recover windows 1p from usb After the success, the entire solid state drive can continue to be used normally and can be installed how to create a windows 8 1 recovery usb flash drive in the system.

  The following is the read and write speed of the KP330 120G solid state drive how to create windows 8 1 recovery usb with windows 8 measured by the ssd after the repair:

  The tool uses AS SSD Benchamrk test results

  It can be seen how to make windows 8 1 recovery usb in command prompt that the score is pretty good, the read and write speed is basically not affected, and it can be how to recover deleted files from hard drive windows 8 1 used normally. If you are also a Marvell 88NV1120 master solid state drive, you can use this tutorial how to recover files from a usb drive site youtube com to repair it regardless of the brand. With this method, the probability of successful repair is very how to recover files from old windows 8 1 hard drive high.