Kingston dt20 external hard drive mass production[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-18 15:00

  Recently, I can't use the GHOST when booting a desktop computer with a external drive. My image is recover data off faulty hard drive "Jicuihui Hardcover Machine Maintenance Mandatory Disk 0702". This image is quite classic, including recover data off mac hard drive PQ, DOS toolbox, GHOST, PE, etc. Many commonly used tools, but the ones in 2007 may be a bit old, recover data off old hard drive so I found a new mirror of GHOST XP SP3 on the Internet. It is said that the compatibility is very recover data off raw hard drive good, so I decided to use this mirror to mass-produce the external drive.The complete steps are given recover data old harddrive sata ii below.

  1.Use ChipGenius to detect the external hard drive chip.Plug in the external hard drive and recover data old laptop hard drive run the software, the result is shown in the figure.

  It is recommended to save the content inside recover data on bad hard drive a text file, where VID, PID, Product Vendor, Product Model will be used when mass production failure recover data on broken hard drive recovery and mass production.

  2.Determine and download to the corresponding mass production tool. recover data on corrupted hard drive The URL given in the figure is the download address of the mass production tool provided by Digital recover data on damaged hard drive Home. You can also find the corresponding mass production tool by yourself according to the content recover data on dead external drive behind Chip Vendor and Chip Part-Number.The above is my inaccurate information after mass production, recover data on external hard disk and I give accurate information in the figure below.

  My external hard drive chip is Phison recover data on failed hard drive UP11~UP14, Baidu search Phison UP11~UP14 mass production tool to find.

  3.I downloaded a corresponding recover data on formated external drive mass production tool UP1X_v1.96.00, the following is the content of the folder.

  Actually, I don' recover data on formatted external drive t know the principle of this tool very well. I only know that it is used to modify the information recover data on hard drive crashed of the external hard drive chip.Run ParamEdt-F1-v1 first.0.20.2.exe to generate an initialization file recover data on hard drive free with an ini suffix, and then run F1_90_v196_00.The exe uses this ini file to initialize the external recover data on laptop hard drive hard drive chip, which is probably such a process.As for the use of other exe files, it is not an recover data password protected hard drive answer for me, a novice.